Teaching Kids to “Bank” Time

Teaching children to manage their time is such an important life skill that will help them to succeed.  One of the areas to help them learn how to do this, is the concept of banking time.  This concept can be the most useful when tackling a big project.  For small children we can use their chores to teach them this lesson.  If a child learns to pick up their toys or does a little bit every day then cleaning their room is not a big deal.  If they do not pick up after themselves then cleaning their room will big a huge job.  The same applies for older children and teens when having to complete a school project or book report.  One of the most important things these projects teach is how to budget your time.  If we help our children break a project down into bite size pieces and then hold them accountable we will save our family from a very stressful time the weekend before the project is due.  We are also teaching our children how to handle big tasks with out it stopping their lives.  This is a very important life skill to learn for college, the work place, and even for simple household management.


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