It can’t be said enough, communication is so important to the success of this dating training.  We can no longer have the one time “birds and the bees” talk with our children and expect to be done.  It must be an open and constant dialog.

Before your child begins the dating process you must help them set up parameters and boundaries for themselves sexually.  You cannot just tell them “no sex before marriage” and expect that to be the end of the conversation.  Help them to understand that their bodies were designed for sex.  They need to set up parameters for themselves so they don’t allow themselves to get into a compromising situation.  Help them set up a list of  “I won’t dos” and a list of “I will dos.”  For instance, “I won’t be alone in a house with someone of the opposite sex.  If this happens, I will immediately call you to come get me.”  Help your teen think through possible compromising situations and how to get out of them if they present themselves.

Another issue to discuss here is dress.  It is very important to discuss with your daughter what they are communicating by how they dress.  Many teenage girls are simply trying to look stylish and have no idea what they are communicating to the males around them.  We as the adults have the responsibility to help our teens process this whole arena before they are thrown into it!