Choosing To Trust Your Spouse

As we begin to head into the Christmas season with all the family dynamics that come along with the holiday, we are going to spend this week talking about blending families.  By blending families we mean a birth parent and that parent’s spouse or a stepparent.   We choose to use the phrase blending family because blending a family together is an action.  It is something that takes consistent effort and communication.  It is not simply a state of being.

There is something that can dramatically affect the success of the blending family and that is the marriage relationship.  The husband and wife of a blending family are not only trying to meld two people together into one unit they are having to work to blend two unique families into one unit.  This means that extra time, care and communication will have to be put into that marriage relationship.   It has to be a relationship that is based on trust because not only are you entrusting your well being to this other person but you are now placing your children’s well being in their hands as well.  Make sure that there is ample time set aside for communication about parenting issues to make certain that you are on the same page.  Making sure that you are out in front of the parenting decisions and are united as a team on these decision will help to breed an atmosphere of trust.


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