Are Children Really Better Off After A Divorce?

The topic of divorce is a difficult one.  There are many emotions that it brings up for people, so many have survived their parents divorce and even their own.  Because the divorce rate in society is so high it is a topic that we must discuss and how it impacts children.   Even if your family is intact it would stand to reason that someone very close to you has been through or is going through a divorce, which is why this topic is something that impacts all of us.  We cannot turn a blind eye to what this difficult topic does to the children it impacts.  The more knowledge we arm ourselves with the better chance we have in helping the children around us.

We have all heard people make the statement, “ the children will be better off after we et divorced.”  While in some cases that is true, such as cases of abuse or infidelity, that cannot or will not be corrected, or anything that would put the child in danger.  But we do need to realize that children will most definitely be impacted by divorce.  A marriage aids in the security of a child and a parenting team  communicates consistency and commitment.  When this is torn apart it is very easy for a child to not only blame themselves for what happened but feel the rejection of the parents.  It is a very difficult thing for a child to process through.  Which is why we will be spending the week to better understand this impact on the child.


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